Face Detection with Mobile key Access Control & Time Attendance System with RFID Card

eNCARD-i is a cost effective access control system, capable of speedy authentication using card, password or Mobile Key. With this product we have made it possible for you to build a more improved and efficient security system for a lower installation cost.

eNCARD-i is highly competitive and feature rich. Compact and stylish design with a user-friendly user interface. It comes with a 4 inch Touch Screen and has a Built-In Camera that obtain user image for every transaction with storage in server. It also come with Face Detection, which means card, password or mobile key requires user picture before authentication. The card capacity is 200,000 and the memory is 256 MB RAM and 8GB NAND Flash.





 Indoor outdoor Access Control time attendance system Physical Biometrics fingerprint door controller

:: Features

  •  Bluetooth Support
    – Compatible with BLE mobile key solution (imkey)
  • VoIP (Voice over IP)
    – Voice call function
  • Built-in Camera
    – User image acquisition for every transaction with storage in server
  • USB (OTG) Memory Slot
    – Easy data transfer using USB memory stick
    – Firmware update
  • Face Detection
    – Card, password or mobile key requires user picture before authentication


:: Technical Specifications

Item Specification
CPU 1GHz Single Core (Cortex-A9)
Memory. 256MB RAM + 8GB NAND Flash
Authentication Type Card + Password + Mobile Key
Card Capacity 200,000
Log Capacity 1,000,000 / 20,000 image logs
12,500 user pictures
Dimension 79(W) × 152(H) × 18(D) mm
Supported Card High frequency card (13.56 MHz)
Low frequency card (125 kHz)
HID Prox Reader
Communication BLE, TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS-485,
RS-232, WiFi (Option)
Power DC 12V & 24V

:: Fingkey Access Models


:: System Structure of eNcard-i Access


Component AccessServer / AccessManager / DBMS
Max. Accessing Terminal 2,000 EA
Max. Remote Client 16 (Access Server)
OS Windows XP or higher
Max. User 100,000 User (in the server)
DBMS MS SQL 2005 or higher
MS SQL Express 2005 or higher
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Benefits of attendance system

  • Smartphone become the access keys
    - Key-free access anytime
  • Bluetooth communication
    - Auto matching between the terminal and Smartphone
  • Remote key sending
    - No hassle to be present to give the keys
  • Total control over the access
    - Only defined users can access for a set period of time
  • Accurate pay and award interpretation
  • Improved Administration
  • Controlled Administration
  • Increased productivity
  • Electronic security system
  • Mobile Key Solution

Online Time Attendance System for multiple Office / Location / Branch

It is a challenge to monitor attendance for a company having multiple locations / branches.

Online Attendance system or web based time attendance software for HR team of such organisation need to have instant information of the attendance at branch level employees.

Our multi location attendance solution can help HR team to monitor , Control time attendance and access control activates. Benefits of Online Multi location attendance System :

1. Real time monitoring : Get the attendance data at central server in Real-time mode.

2. User Registration : Centralized and at Branch level

3. User Transfer : Centralized user / employee transfer from one attendance system to other

4. Centralized Attendance : Get all employee's data at central software for attendance calculation

5. No manual work : Get data transferred using internet connection. No manual work to send data to Head Office

Biometric Time Attendance System, Fingerprint Attendance Machine, Biometric attendance for small office,

Card Based Attendance , Time attendance software, Biometric Attendance with Payroll Software,

Biometric system for Office Factory Hospital Hotel , Free attendance Software , Payroll Software

13.56 mhz rfid tag
13.56 mhz rfid reader writer
13.56 mhz rfid antenna
13.56 mhz rfid reader usb
13.56 mhz rfid reader
13.56 mhz rfid range
13.56 mhz rfid reader range
13.56 mhz rfid card

MIFARE Classic® 1KB card (MF1ICS50)
MIFARE Classic® 4KB card (MF1ICS70)                                   
MIFARE Ultralight® card
MIFARE Ultralight® tokens
MIFARE Plus® cards
MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 2KB cards
MIFARE® DESFire® 4KB cards (MF3ICD40)
MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 4KB cards
MIFARE® DESFire® EVI 8KB cards
Smart MX cards

SLE…… cards
Myd Move tokens

Sony Felica RC885 card

Inlays – matrix of 3 x 8/ 3 x 7/ 2 x 5

Custom products – Tokens / Key chains/ Certificates/ Watches

Dual Interface/ Hybrid cards


Hardware only

 Part number



Fingkey Access System Price list

eNBioAccess T1



Tax handling & Shipping charges extra

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Electromagnetic and Electro Strike Locks Installation instruction

1. Which lock can be use for external doors?
2. Which lock can be use on aluminum doors?
3. Which lock can be use on wooden door?
4. Which lock can be use on glass door?
5. Which lock can be use for emergency exit doors?


Electromechanical Boom Barrier System


Nitgen eNcard-I


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