Electromagnetic and Electro Strike Locks Installation instruction  

Installation Instructions:


  • Inspect the frame header to determine if an angle bracket or filler plate is required
  • Fold template as indicated by dotted line. For single doors, locate template against the door and header on the lock jamb side of the frame
  • Mark and drill holes as indicated in template. For armature plate hole Preparation,
  • Mount armature to door. To determine proper hardware (provided)
  • Install mounting plate to header with the interlock detail away from the door side of the stop, with #10 Flt Hd. Screws provided. From Sexnut side of door, drill exactly 1/2" hole thru one metal thickness only. From Armature side of door, drill 5/8" hole to insert reinforcement tube. Press in sexnut and reinforcement tube all the way and mount armature to door using hardware provided
  • Holding the magnet housing at each end, engage the entire length of the interlock detail, by pushing towards the door. (If necessary, tap with a soft hammer to ensure proper alignment and engagement). Caution: The lock body must be held in place until secured with mounting screws. Screws provided inside the housing at each end. Tighten the screws and check alignment
  • Test operation. When all is operating properly, tighten all screws. Install anti-tamper plugs over socket head screw using a soft hammer to avoid damage to the housing. Electromagnet and armature should   be handled carefully. Any damage to the surface such as paint, burrs, dirt and rust may hinder bonding of surface and reduce holding power.


EM locks releases slowly.  (residual magnetism)
Control switch wired on AC side of power source
Control switch must be wired on DC side of power supply

When an AC transformer and rectifier are used, the control switch must be wired between the rectifier and the EM lock.

Field installed diode in parallel with power input
Remove diode.
Poor holding force.
Armature installed rigidly
Armature must pivot loosely from its center mounting point to permit full armature contact

Check for proper voltage at the EM lock input. If low, determine if the correct wire gauge is being used to prevent excessive voltage drop.

Low voltage
Check power supply load capacity. It must meet or exceed the combined current rating of all locks on the circuit.

A.C Voltage Input(EM Lock Will Make a humming noise)
EM locks require DC input voltage. When AC voltage from a transformer is used,a full wave bridge rectifier must be installed to convert the AC voltage to DC voltage.
No holding force. Door does not lock.
No power
Check the voltage at the EM lock. If the voltage is low or zero, double check all wire connections and the power supply.

Input Polarity Reversed
Check voltage polarity. Terminal (-) is: Negative. Terminal (+) is: Positive

Open circuit in EM lock Coil
Check coil continuity with OHM meter. If reading is high or open, replace the magnet coil.

Magnet Coil Short
Coil shorts or incorrect wiring will blow fuses. Measure the coil for correct resistance
  • While Installation, screws should be fixed tightly.
  • Because it is weight it may fall down while opening the door.
  • Electro magnetic lock is weather proof, tamper proof and its operating voltage is 12v D.C which is low.
  • Because its works in Low D.C voltage there is no possibility for Electric shock ,sparks or short circuit.
  • There will not be any risk by using.


Electromagnetic Strike Locks
:: Introduction


Electric strikes come in many varieties. They can be 12 or 24 or even higher voltage and they may take AC or DC current and some even take both. ASC-F-S12 is a fail secure electric strike lock. The main feature of fail secure electric strike lock is that it stays locked even without power. The most common by far is a fail secure. When you need that buzzing sound you may have heard when being buzzed into an office that's the sound of AC current going through the electric strike. If you need this sound as a signal to push on the door when unlocking the strike then choose an AC electric strike and an AC power source or transformer. If you do not want or need this buzzing sound then choose a DC power source or transformer. The DC strike is almost completely silent when it releases except for a slight click sound. On average a DC electric strike will last longer than an AC electric strike.

:: Technical Specification
Electric PlateASC-F-S12
Voltage12V DC
Keeper Depth5/8"
Strike Opening3/4" *1.3/8"
Tamper ResistanceUp to 1000 LBS
DurabilityMin 500000 cyller(0° to 40°C)
Rating< 12V DC
Temperature Resistance165 F to 20 F
:: Features:: Application
  • Fit for all kind of anodic lock

  • Fail secure

  • Compact, lightweight and portable

  • Low noise

  • small body lock

  • With release mechanism & monitoring switch

  • Application for aluminum, steel wooden or brass door

  • 12 V DC power supply

  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Banks

  • Server Rooms

  • Companies


Electromagnetic Plate Locks
:: Introduction


Plate type lock is the other lock which operates only when it gets power supply. When power supply. It is 12/24V Electromagnetic lock with 700 LBS(270 kgs) holding force, fail safe. It has natural finish.

:: Features:: Technical Specification
  • Low profile designe

  • Field selectable voltage 12/24 VDC upto 700 LBS holding force on each electromagnet

  • Stabilizing 4 bolt mag mounting

  • Adjustable mounting bracket

  • Easy access wiring cavity


Electric PlateASC-F-P12
Voltage12V DC
Mag Mounting4 Bolt
  • 300   LBS

  • 600   LBS

  • 800   LBS

  • 1200 LBS


Installation manual
1. Which lock can be use for external doors?
2. Which lock can be use on aluminum doors?
3. Which lock can be use on wooden door?
4. Which lock can be use on glass door?
5. Which lock can be use for emergency exit doors?


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