4G WIFI UHF Cloud RFID Reader Android Windows 


4G UHF Reader will read the UHF tags & read the data directly to cloud & mobile without wing away PC.


Passive Long range UHF 12dbi Antenna gate 860mhz-960mhz Integrated Access Control long distance RFID reader

Product Description Features:

Integrated, high performance 12dBi circular antenna ensure long-range reading&writing and easy installation.

Multi-protocol support: ISO 18000-6B&ISO 18000-6C(EPC Gen2).

Super anti-interference ability for its FHSS frequency working method.

Multi-reader synchronise.

Software with different Programming languadge allows easy upgrade.

Waterproof and sunshine defending, idea for outdoor applications.

All kinds of communication interfaces and customizing is available too.

Technology Parameter: Frequency Range: 902MHz~928MHz (Adjustable for local regulations)

Tag protocols: ISO18000-6B,EPC Class 1,EPC Class 1 GEN 2

Operating Method: FHSS or fixed frequency (setted by software)

Antenna ports: Built-in 12dBi vertical polarization antenna

Max RF power: 30 dBm Power smoothness: <0.5 DB

RF power range: 20~30 dBm,

Adjustable by software Identify

tag mode: Identify tag mode can be setted as: Reads the tag in fixed time automatically or; read tag after external triggering or software command.

Identify tag time: <8ms(Identify single tag) Reading/Writing

tag time: No more than 5ms every 8 bytes when reading, 25ms every 4bytes when writing.

Reading/Writing tag distance: More than 8m when reading, writing range is 70% of reading range (depend on antenna)

Communication interface: RS485?RS232?Wiegand26?Wiegand34?RJ45(TCP/IP)? CANBUS

Input/output: 1triggering input, 2 electric relay outoput

Power supply: DC 9V/DC12V

Power consumption: 5W

Size: 460mm  460mm 50mm

Package dimension: 540mm—540mm—140mm

Gross Weight: 4.82kg Net Weight: 2.66kg

Work Temperature: -45°C~+75°C (-49°F~ 167°F)

Storage Temperature: -50°C~+85°C (-58°F~ 185°F)

Work status indication: Buzzer


Ultra High Frequency Long Range RFID Reader

Long Range RFID Solutions

We Offers wide range of Long Range RFID Solutions we have successfully expanded our product range, technological scope and research & development efforts in order to quickly respond to new trends and provide customers with appropriate products and time and again set new standards in the RFID industry.

There are several versions of RFID that operate at different radio frequencies.
The choice of frequency is dependent on the business requirements and read environment it is not a technology in which 'one size fits all' applications.

UHF.One Integrated - UHF Reader with Integrated antenna

  • Long Range up to 15 meters

  • Integrated All-in-One design

  • High Identification Rate up to 200 Tags

  • Suitable for Parking, Asset & Inventory management

  • NHAI Approved Long Range RFID Reader

UHF One - Desktop UHF reader/writer

  • High Speed Read/Write on UHF Tag

  • Support Auto-running and Interactive Work Mode


A wide variety of RFID Reader are available for various models and different applications.

Terminal for reading RFID UHF technology seals READER GUN

Reader with excellent performances in terms of reading distance of the tag. Thanks to the integrated battery in the pistol grip, UHF GUN ensures easy handling and very long battery life.

  • Supports ISO18000-6 C

  • Up to 2-3 meters reading distance

  • Small form factor / lightweight / high mobility

  • Windows CE 5.0 / windows CE 6.0

  • Communication USB + Bluetooth + WiFi

  • Touch screen

  • 3000 + Battery 4400mAh Very high autonomy

  • Resistant to dust and water

  • docking station for recharging and data synchronization

  • Optional can also integrate reader Barcode or Data Matrix


Park.one - RFID Parking Management System

Complete automation of gate helps you keep detailed logs of events, enhance security and reduce manpower cost. Our solution based on latest long range RFID can help automate the complete operations.


Who benefits from Park One?

  • SEZs, Corporate & IT parks
  • Malls & Commercial complexes
  • Pay and park facilities
  • Residential complexes



  • Pay-and-Park systems

  • RFID enabled systems

  • Enhanced security layer

  • CCTV Cameras

  • Under Vehicle Camera

  • Number plate recognition

  • Face recognition

  • Advanced parking management software

  • Dynamic messaging system

  • Integrated access control system

  • Cloud based database management

  • Web based software

Manual Parking System
RFID Parking System
Guards manually check for access card/or other authentication ID
All vehicles are tagged with RFID tags for automated authentication Easy and faster authentication.
Security Layer
Manual security checks are performed
Integrated security systems – under vehicle scanner system CCTV cameras Number plate and Face recognition system
Manual logs of vacant parking slots are kept
Automated logs are generated Integrated dynamic messaging system for parking guidance
Reports and Audits
Manual reports are generated
Automated central reporting systemOnline reports can be generated

Four ports UHF RFID reader with Impinj R2000 chip 4G,WIF

Iso18000-6C 20M Long Distance Impinj R2000 Chip multiple RFID readers



Application of RFID UHF Metal tag

1, Transportation management
2, Vehicle management 
3, Road and bridge toll 
4, Custom management 
5, Warehouse management 
6, Car parking management 
7, Access control management
8, Production management






Retailers need detailed inventory information to keep the right items on the shelves of the store. But manual cycle counts are too costly to be performed frequently enough to provide current information. UHF RFID’s constant and accurate inventory information provides visibility into inventory levels, allowing retailers to make sure that customers find the products they want to purchase on the store shelves. And since the information is collected automatically, sales associates can spend more time with your customers — instead of managing inventory.
*   Inventory and cycle counting
*   Receiving
*   Replenishment
*   Item locating
*   Loss detection/prevention
*   Demand forecasting


*   Achieve near 100% inventory accuracy
*   Maintain real time inventory information without any labor costs
*   Reduce out of stocks by as much as 80 percent & inventory cost by 59%
*   Minimize markdowns
*   Increase associate efficiency — associates are free to spend more time serving customers


In the distribution industry, profitability is tightly tied to how fast and accurately inventory moves in, through and out of the warehouse. With UHF RFID, warehouse workers have the visibility they need to process thousands or hundreds of thousands of items every day, as fast and accurately as possible.

*   Shipping and receiving
*   Put-away and picking
*   Cross-docking
*   Returnable Transport Item (RTI) management
*   Inventory


*   Achieve near-100 percent order and shipping accuracy
*   Process orders up to 40 percent faster
*   Improve workforce efficiency — reduce labor costs up
*   Improve inventory turns & Automate advanced shipping notice (ASN) delivery and receipt
*   Improve customer and trading partner satisfaction by delivering the right items on time, every time


For manufacturers, success hinges on the speed and accuracy of their manufacturing operations. UHF RFID provides instant and accurate tracking of information at every step inside the manufacturing plant, trimming wasted time and costs out of end-to-end manufacturing processes from receipt of raw goods to RFID-enabling supply, sequencing, assembly and shipping of final product. The net result is a leaner and more profitable manufacturing operation

*   End-to-end warehouse operations
*   Quality assurance
*   Line sequencing, raw material supply
*   E-Kanban/replenishment
*   Work-in-Process (WIP)/Just in time (JIT)


*   Improve global inventory accuracy  from raw to finished goods
*   Improve product quality with increased automation of process and materials visibility
*   Increase shipping and receiving accuracy


UHF (Ultra High Frequency)
Ultra High Frequency RFID operates between 902-928 MHz in North America and has read ranges up to approximately 10ft. UHF has become the most used option in Auto-ID applications due to its long read range and dropping costs. UHF does have more issues with interference but a well designed system can overcome these issues. UHF RFID is also well suited to mounting on label stock making it the perfect item/container level tag option.


 The low cost and long range of UHF RFID means that tags can be placed just about anywhere and interrogators (or RFID readers) can read them. This allows computers attached to these interrogators to see the world around them; not with the lens of the visual spectrum like humans do, but through the RF lens. It is a pretty primitive way to see the world compared to the visual acuity and processing that human beings are capable of, but this technology can be made to work very well and without human intervention. It can reduce some hard machine learning problems to simple observational ones. The technology is now starting to be used ubiquitously in hospitals, law offices and courthouses as an ambient computer interface for objects. In the courthouse example, the technology is used to track all documents and docket folders within their environment. Previously, near the time of a hearing, a long and laborious process was manually run with human labor to locate needed paperwork. Now with this new technology, the analog of an internet search can be made to search for objects in the physical world


RFID Tag paper Metal Button Glass Pocket Ceramic Dic Key Ear Glue EPC Tag

Electronic article surveillance for retail store loss prevention

Hardware only

 Part number




RFID reader

100 units


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UHF RFID Reader Antenna


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UHF RFID Reader Antenna 





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