Outdoor Keyless Fingerprint door locks

:: Introduction ::

Door watch is a state of the art finger print identification door lock and offers the extreme security and user convenience by adopting superior biometric technology instead of password , card, key method that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.

It is a fingerprint sensor embedded door lock that makes up the week points of lost, robbery and forgetfulness when using an existing key, card and PIN. It is entrance and exit control security product widely used in from apartments and general residences to offices, financial institutes and research institutes based on a unique fingerprint recognition system.

Waterproof outdoor Access Control & time attendance systemFingerprint access control and time attendance control systems Biometrics India

:: features ::
  • One unit of attractive design & Precision Electronic lock.

  • Apply to main door of housing and control system of general Gate etc.

  • No need to carry around a key and card also
    Convenient one touch function.

  • Put to use a recharge battery for the convenient installation

  • Upgraded emergency key function for an electricity power failure and fire.

  • Available to install size 35~50mm door (Regular size: 40~45mm)

:: Specifications ::

NDL-100 Specifications

Model NDL-600
Power Supply 7.2V Li-lon Battery (1800mA)
Consumable Power 1W
Temperature (Outside) - 20c~75c
Temperature (Inside) - 0c~60c
Size [Out] 71*254*28(40),[In]71*259*28
Verification Time Within one second
Memory Capability 40 fingerprints
Casing Material Stainless Steel, Plating
Keypad Strengthening ABS
Battery Frequency 3,000 times (Stand-by time: one year)
(consuming battery power is able to be different according to using frequency)

Put to use a recharge battery for the convenient installation

Upgraded emergency key function for an electricity power and fire

Available to install sized 35~50mm door. (Regular size: 40~45mm)
:: Applications ::
  • Apartment Complexes

  • Office building

  • Bank & Financial Institution

  • Public sector

  • Laboratories etc.

Hardware only

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NDL-600 Fingerprint Door Access Control System



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