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Binoculars Type Dual Iris Imager for Enrollment Iris recognition scanner

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  • Ideal for national and civil ID programs
  • Enrollment of non-acclimated subjects including children to 5 years of age
  • Lightweight and robust with IP64 rating
  • Powered from USB 2.0 connection
  • Usable in bright sunlight conditions


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This dual eye binocular iris biometric capture camera from CMITech is a cost-effective solution that gives excellent performance in both enrolment and identification applications, whether indoors or for field use. Simple and easy to use, the BMT-20 is quickly and reliably positioned over the user’s eyes to capture both iris images simultaneously within 1 second or less (typical). It can tolerate a wide range of inter-pupil distance, so it is perfect for child and adult enrolment alike. Exceeding all industry iris image quality standards, this camera is ideal for large and small scale civil ID programs, as well as general enrolment. Prices are very competitive, with generous volume discounts available.
  • Ideal for national and civil ID programs
  • Enrollment of non-acclimated subjects including children to 5 years of age
  • Lightweight and robust with IP64 rating
  • Powered from USB 2.0 connection
  • Usable in bright sunlight conditions
Dual IRIS scanner – I features :
  • State-of-the-art optical design : The optical design includes highest quality optics and long internal optical path, compliant with  standards for image quality as specified by ISO in the 19794-6 document. The standard is 4.0 lp/mm at 60% contrast ratio.
  • Single sensor design : By utilizing only a single sensor,less power consumption through the USB port. This allows for optimized NIR illumination, resulting in the shortest exposure times possible, thereby minimizing any potential for motion blurring.
  • Long internal optical path: It  provides the longest optical path of any binoculars-type iris recognition imager . At 365 mm ( +/- 15 mm), the long optical path provides much greater depth of field while minimizing optical distortions.
  • Dedicated, on-board image processor supports very high speed, simultaneous capture of subjects irises
  • Extended depth of field : capable of imaging over a depth of 30 mm
  • Wide inter-pupillary distance tolerance : The scanner can capture iris image pairs from subjects with interpupillary distances as small as 4.0 cm, which is the minimum distance for a child of 5 years old.
  • All solid-state design-no moving parts
  • Meets IP64-6 specifications for particulate intrusion prevention
  • Internal white LED for illumination
  • Near-real time off-axis gaze detection
  • Motion detection : System calculates eye motion relative to the system, and waits until subject meets motion threshold (which is adjustable) in order to assure there is no adverse motion blurring of images
  • Foldable side visors and forehead positioning rest
  • External color LED positioning indicators for user assistance.
  • Position sensor :A position sensor detects if the system is upside down, preventing capture of images that can be reversed, left and right. This assures that all iris biometric samples are exactly as intended
  • Environment : The tested and certified operating temperature range of the scanner is a full 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, making the system fully useable in non-conditioned environments in the hottest of summer days
  • Powered by USB 2.0 cable : The Scanner is fully powered by the USB 2.0 connection (maximum 500 mA at 5.0 V), which means that it operates without an independent power supply


The BMT-20 is a binoculars-type, simultaneous dual iris capture system intended for enrollment applications, especially very large scale programs, in which subjects are presumed to have no prior experience in providing iris biometrics samples. Developed for and proven in the highly demanding India UID program, the BMT-20 offers the fastest capture speeds, superior usability, minimal failure-to-captures rates and outstanding image quality.

Most importantly, the instructions are easy to communicate, resulting in a simple experience for operator and subject alike. The user is simply directed to raise the BMT-20 to his or her eyes as if they were binoculars, touching the forehead bar to the subject just above the eye brows. Once the device is in position, they are asked to center their eyes in the internal mirror while keeping them wide open their eyes. The system does all the work of finding the irises and capturing pristine iris biometrics samples. The BMT-20 is extremely efficient: once the subject’s eyes are centered, the iris images are captured in 1.0 second or less.

The BMT-20 features the largest depth of capture of any binoculars type camera on the market. This capture range, a full 30 mm, covers the range in the position of the iris relative to the forehead of the entire population of adults and children down to 5 years old. This means that all irises are within the focus capture zone when the BMT-20 is touching the forehead. By eliminating the need to reposition the eyes during exposure, the system is consistently fast and highly robust for large scale programs. It also offers the largest interpupillary distance range of any device on the market of 40 to 90 mm, enabling image capture on children, again as young as 5 years of age.

The BMT-20 meets the stringent requirements for IP64, which means the device is highly resistant to contamination from the smallest of airborne particles such as dust and dirt. The system also includes an internal white LED that serves to constrict subject’s pupil diameters to a consistent level, thereby improving the quality of the enrollment image even in low light ambient environments.


Technical Specifications – Dual Iris scanner / Capture device


Capture Mode Auto-capture with built-in-quality check (incorporates NIST quality considerations)
Focal Distance12-17 cm from the front of camera mirror to eyes.(Optimal distance = 14 cm, Focal Depth = 5cm )
Image ResolutionOutput is ISO standard 640*480 pixels per eye, 8 bit grayscale(ISO/IEC 19794-6) (Higher Resolution Output Available as Option)
Sensor Resolution VGA(1.3M and 2M options)(Pixels)
DimensionCamera Case: 117x56x39 mm (4.6?.2?.5inches)Camera Case with IP54: 122x60x40mm (4.8?.4?.6 inches)Alignment aid: 195x186x83mm (7.7?.5?.3 inches)
PowerSingle USB Powered (DC+5V+-5%)
IlluminationTwo infrared LEDs, One per eye, (Radiant intensity of 0.2 mW/sqcm. for each LED)
Environmental0?C to +50?C Operating; 0% to 95% humidity, Non-condensing
UsageIndoor; Outdoor (avoid direct sunlight and bright reflections)
ResolutionSpatial:≥ 60% @ 4.0 Lp/mm, Pixel: ≥ 16Pixels/mm
ConnectivityUSB2.0, USB-IF Certified
SecurityPKI(2048 bit) and AES(256 bit);X509 Certificate, PFX/PKSC#12 Certifcate
CertificatesEye safety(IEC 60825- 1), FCC class A, ROHS, IP54(option), USB-IF, WHQL, STQC
CaseAttractively designed, light, easy to carry, small-footprint case
Also available: Specially designed rugged case to meet IP54 requirement (IEC60529)
Ancillary SWDemo Application Program; SDK, Sample codes in C/C++(native), Java, C#.Net and VB. NET Wrapper, VDM Compliance (UIDAI)
HOST OSMS Windows family 32bit/64bit; Linux 32bit/64bit (Please specify before ordering)



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Binocular Dual Iris scanner

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