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:: Contact less Smart Cards ::

The technology is embodied in both cards and readers (also referred to as a Proximity Coupling Device which is suitable to use).

We Provide a complete solution of RFID Card and RFID card production service  Our main Products is Rfid Card, Rfid Label, Contact IC card, key fob, Lanyard

The name covers four different kinds of contactless cards :


  • Ultralight
    low-cost ICs that employ the same protocol as Classic, but without the security part and slightly different commands

  • Ultralight C
    the first low-cost ICs for limited-use applications that offer the benefits of an open 3DES cryptography

  • Classic (Standard)
    employ a proprietary high-level protocol instead of ISO/IEC 14443-4, with an proprietary security protocol for authentication and ciphering.

  • Plus
    drop-in replacement for Classic with certified security level (AES 128 based)

  • DESFire
    are smartcards that comply to ISO/IEC 14443-4 with a mask-ROM operating system from .

  • ProX, SmartMX
    are NXP Semiconductors brand names for smartcards that comply to ISO/IEC 14443-4

  • NFC NTAG 213 215 216 cards
    NFC NTAG cards original NTAG213 215 216 NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144/504/888 bytes


Evaluation Kit comes with original Software and SDK tools.

Dimensions 86 x 54 x 0.8mm (? 0.4mm)

Weight 5.8 ? 0.5g
Personalization Offset Printing / Silkscreen Printing / Encoding / Thermal Rewritable Film / UltraViolet Printing /
Micro Seal / Micro Text / Hologram / Guillochen /
Laser Engraving
Other Signature Panel / Scratch Panel / SIM Punch / Magnetic Stripe (350 Oe, 650 Oe, 2750 Oe, 4000 Oe)
Material PVC (Matte/Glossy) / PET / ABS
Temperature -10?C to +50?C
Packaging 200pcs/box, 2000pcs/carton, 14kg/carton
Carton Size: 50x24x15cm
Chip LF: HITAG S256, HITAG S2048, HITAG1, HITAG2, T5557, EM4100, EM4102, EM4450

HF: Ultralight, 1K, 4K, DESFire, ICODE 1, ICODE SLI, Ti256, Ti2048, INSIDE2K, SR176

SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE5542, SLE5528, AT24LC16/32/64/128/256/512

*Subject To Change Without Notice
13.56 MHz Mifare Evaluation Kit

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NFC Contactless smart card Reader Writer

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Electronic article surveillance for retail store loss prevention

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