DactyScan84c Green Bit

10-Print Live Scan Fingerprint Capture

UID Aadhar Biometrics Fingerprint Iris Kit certified by STQC


High-Speed FBI APP.F Certified 10-print Live Scan Fingerprint Capture Device

  • FBI IAFIS IQS APP.F Certified Livescan
  • ISO/IEC FCD 19794-4
  • ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000/2007
  • 3.2" x 3.0" 10-Print at 500 dpi
  • 25 frames/ second-4 slaps
  • 27 frames/ second -rolled prints
  • Small Size: 5.8" x 6" x 5.8"
  • Windows XP, Vista and 7 in 32-bit/ 64-bit Linux OS
  • Supported by Raven™ Biometric Enrollment Software
  • Seamless data transfer to the Card Encoding Engine


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DactyScan84C is a Ten-print Fingerprint scanner is high-end fingerprint scanner suitable for UID Aadhaar project, Government National ID, Police, Immigration/Visa applications. Its also called Ten fingerprint scanner, Slap fingerprint scanner or 4+4+2 fingerprint scanner.

DactyScan84C is the first Ten print fingerprint scanner launched by an Indian company. DactyScan84C is 10-print Livescan certified according to the FBI IAFIS IQS App. F image quality standard DactyScan84C is the perfect choice for Biometric system integrator and solution providers. It comes with an ergonomic and easy-to-integrate design. It has all the features needed for seamless and highly efficient fingerprint processing. I has an intuitive LED based user interface to indicate the scanning sequence and provide image quality feedback. It increases the user friendliness and even unskilled operators can efficiently process fingerprints




DactyScan84c is a high-speed FBI APP. F certified 10-print Live Scan fingerprint capture device, ideal for large government programs such as E-Passports, border crossing cards, E-ID employee credentials, criminal identification, and all other applications in need of 10 fingerprints captured via 4-slap and rolled acquisition. The DactyScan84c is designed for rapid image acquisition, efficiency and reliability. Its compact size and light weight make DactyScan84c suitable for both desktop applications and integrated mobile ID solutions, including the GIERS (Government Identity Enrollment Station) and PIK (Portable Identity Kit).

Designed for High Security Identity Enrollment and Verification

The DactyScan84c from Greenbit is an FBI APP. F certified 10-print Live Scan fingerprint scanner, ideal for large government programs such as E-Passports, border crossing cards, E-ID employee credentials, criminal identification, and all other applications in need of 10 fingerprints captured via 4-slap and rolled acquisition, according to FBI IAFIS-IQS format requirements. The DactyScan84c meets FBI IAFIS requirements, allowing its fingerprint data to be used for vetting and federal background checks in the United States. The device also meets ANSI/NIST-ITL 2000 & 2007 requirements.

For the highest security, load your fingerprint data onto a CardLogix smart card, like the M.O.S.T Card® or Credentsys® Card, for applications that require multi-factor authentication and secure data storage.

Rapid Fingerprint Capture

The DactyScan84c is the fastest 10-print Live Scan in the market. With up to 27 frames per second for rolled prints acquisition and 25 frames per second for 4 finger slap acquisition, the DactyScan84c is truly unique in terms of acquisition speed. An intuitive user interface facilitates the acquisition process by providing 12 LED light indicators that illuminate correct fingerprint placement, thereby accelerating workflow speed. The device has an optional start and stop feature that senses finger placement for automatic acquisition with quality threshold settings, further speeding up the process.

High Security and Reliability

The DactyScan82c combines high speed acquisition with advanced security and quality utilities, thanks to the easy-to-integrate Multiscan SDK. Features include a dynamic estimation of fingerprint image quality during the scanning process (NISTIR7151 quality check); a correct position and slap completeness check, which checks for correct finger placement and for incomplete slaps due to missing fingers; and slide detection for flat prints, which detects deformations of fingerprints due to sliding during acquisition. Other features include an Anti-Fake "Lite", which distinguishes between real human finger patterns and other surfaces with relief structure, like gloves or tissue, and a finger allocation check, which ensures the presence of a finger core and basic distal flows.

Seamless Data Enrollment and Smart Card Personalization

The DactyScan84c is supported by Raven Biometric Enrollment Software from Corvus Integration for all biometric enrollment and matching capabilities. The data is seamlessly transferred from Raven software to the Card Encoding Engine™ Card Personalization Software for immediate in-line chip encoding onto a smart card. Combining smart card technology with biometrics provides the strongest verification and authentication of the cardholder's identity while protecting the privacy and integrity of biometric data.

Seamlessly transfer your biometric data to the Card Encoding Engine™ from CardLogix for the fastest and easiest in-line personalization of smart cards - no programming required. Learn More Here (future whitepaper)

Advanced Features for Better Cost and Time Efficiency

The DactyScan82c combines high reliability with advanced cost-saving for a powerful, reliable and efficient biometric device. Most fingerprint scanners in the market today rely on silicon pads/coating or a heated platen to overcome image quality issues caused by halo or skin conditions. These materials are costly and require regular maintenance. The DactyScan eliminates these maintenance costs and increases image quality reliability by using a more sophisticated solution for halo or skin conditions. In addition, the 12 LED fingerprint location indicators remove the need for skilled operators which saves on labor costs. Coupled with the Multiscan SDK, the DactyScan82c is the perfect choice for a 10-Print Livescan fingerprint scanner.

Lightweight and Compact Design

Its low footprint, light weight (1.4 g/3 lbs) and small size (148 x 152 x 148mm/ 5.8" x 6.0" x 5.8") make DactyScan84c suitable for both desktop applications and integrated mobile ID solutions, including the GIERS (Government Identity Enrollment Station) and PIK (Portable Identity Kit) powered by Raven™ Biometric Enrollment Software.




Bioscan10 is a compact 4-slap scanner in full compliance with the 10-print capture scanner & software user group requirements suitable for all applications in need of 10 fingerprints flat and rolled acquisition. main applications are visa issuing, e-id documents and criminal identification.

  • BioScan10 is alive fingerprint scanner, in conformance with international standards, for acquiring 4-slap/2-thumbs fingerprints as well as rolled fingerprints. Its small footprint and low weight increase mobility thus rendering BioScan10 suitable for desktop applications as well as for integrated solutions.
  • An ergonomic design combined with an easy-to-integrate SDK architecture turning BioScan10 into the perfect choice for integrators and solution providers. BioScan10 integrates a 12 LED graphical user interface eliminating the necessity for skilled operators  thus increasing workflow efficiency. No silicon pad or heated glass platen is used resulting high reliability and low maintenance costs.
  • BioScan10 is suitable for all applications that requiring 4-slapfingerprint acquisition including rolled fingerprints according to FBI IAFIS-IQS quality. BioScan10 processes fingerprints faster, simpler and thanks to Green Bit unique software features more reliable compared to the traditional ink method eliminating the need for skilled operators.
  • This revolutionary product represents a new age in digital fingerprinting. All civil and law enforcement applications requiring the acquisition of 10-prints will be fully satisfied by BioScan10 performance and quality.


Aadhaar e-KYC Development Solutions
Software Scanner Functions
AUTOMATIC ACQUISITION STOP: Highest quality image selection during flat fingerprints scanning.
ELIMINATION OF LATENT PRINTS: Elimination of latent prints originated from recent scans.
HALO ELIMINATION: Elimination of halo due to moist fingerprints during acquisition.
ROLLED FINGERPRINT CAPTURING: Display in real-time, self-adaptive to rolling speed and directions, seamless composite image generation, automatic stop detection.
AUTOMATIC SEQUENCE CHECKING: Eliminates incorrect fingerprints sequence scanning.
SEGMENTATION: Automatic splitting of four- slap and two thumbs fingerprint images in single fl at images.
IMAGE QUALITY CHECKING: Dynamic estimation of fingerprint image quality during scanning process; NISTIR7151 quality check.
AUTO CAPTURE: Sensing of slap/single finger placement on the scanner.
SLIDE DETECTION FOR FLATS PRINTS: Detects deformations of fingerprints due to sliding during acquisition.
ANTI-FAKE  : Distinguishes between real human finger patterns and other surfaces with relief structure (e.g. gloves, tissue).
COMPRESSION: WSQ Compression FBI certified software to compress the fingerprint images, JPEG, JPEG2000 Output.
FINGER ALLOCATION CHECK: Checks presence of finger core, and basic/ distal flows.
STANDARD OUTPUT FORMAT: Creation of ANSI/NIST-ITL-1-2007 type 1, 2, 4 and 14 records EFTS71 output format support.

Technical Specifications

FINGERPRINT SCANNER Plain four fingers up to 3,2  x 3,0 Two plain thumbs up to 3,2 x 3,0 Flat finger up to 3,2 x 3,0 Rolled finger up to 1,6 x 1,6



ISO/IEC FCD 19794-4


ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 Interpol Implementation

HUMIDITY From 0% to 90% non-condensing
TEMPERATURE Storage: from 0°C to +50°C Operating: from +1,5°C to +49°C
DIMENSIONS 134 x 151 x 125 mm

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  • Easy, secure, portable and user friendly equipment
  • A plug to play device. No onsite installation required as the device is pre-installed
  • Captures standard-based Biometric and Biographic data
  • In-built Quality check mechanism for Iris and Fingerprint scanner, which helps in capturing 99.9% accuracy
  • No scope for Ghost Image
  • Finger-print Platen is with 45 degree of angle, which offers best grip to the fingers
  • The device is considered as a wireless mobile iris, facial and fingerprint data capture equipment
  • Additionally, this Enrollment Kit is one of the few multifunctional kits that is fully operational in bright sunlight, making it convenient to use in harsh, desert climates


Devices Technical Specifications- As per UID


Intel i3 Processor 2.2 Ghz, 4 GB Ram, 800 Mhz FSB,2 MB L2 Cache, 250 GB HDD sata 5400 rpm, USB 2.0 ports - 4 Nos., Pre loaded OS - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Antivirus – Microsoft Security Essential or Antivirus- Internet Security-Quick Heal
Additional TFT Monitor 15.6" TFT Monitor Acer
Web Cam 2 Mega Pixel as per UIDAI standards- Logitech Pro 9000 series
Fingerprint scanner Live Scan capturing 10 fingerprints (4+4+2)- Cross Match Patrol ID or  Bioscan10 Fingerprint Scanner
IRIS scanner Dual IRIS capturing- Cross Match ISCAN 2 or IriMaic 1000 BK – Iris capture device
1 KVA offline UPS Ibtex/APC
Pen Drive 4GB Kingston / Transcend
500GB USB External HDD Western Digital/ Samsung/Transcend
Mono Laser Printer A4 Size Samsung /HP
  Background white screen – without stand {wall fixing}
  Uniform – T Shirt with AADHAAR Logo
  USB Hub – Belkin – 4 Port
  Carry Case


Hardware only

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Flat 10 Fingerprint scanner



INR 29500.00

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Ten print Slap scanner based Time Attendance & Access control system

Benefits :

For a high security site, they might require Multimodal Biometrics.


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