Manufacturer : Sierra Wireless
ModelTechnology ManufacturerType Speed
Q26 Elite1xRTT Sierra Wireless Connector153 kbps
AR35501xRTT Sierra WirelessLGA 153kbps
AR5550EVDO Sierra WirelessLGA 3.1 Mbps
AR8550EVDO Sierra WirelessLGA 14.4Mbps
AR8552EVDO Sierra WirelessLGA 14.4Mbps
SL6087EDGE Sierra WirelessLGA 236.8 kbps
Q2686GPRS Sierra Wireless Connector85.6 kbps
Q2687EDGE Sierra Wireless Connector236.8 kbps
MC5728VEVDO Sierra WirelessPCIe 3.1 Mbps
MC7700LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 100 Mbps
MC7710LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 100 Mbps
MC7750LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 100 Mbps
MC8090LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 14.4Mbps
MC8092LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 14.4Mbps
MC8305LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 14.4Mbps
MC8355LTE Sierra WirelessPCIe 14.4Mbps
MC8704HSPA+ 21 Sierra WirelessPCIe 21 Mbps
MC8705HSPA+ 21 Sierra WirelessPCIe 21 Mbps
MC8790HSDPA 7.2 Sierra WirelessPCIe 7.2 Mbps
MC8790VHSDPA 7.2 Sierra WirelessPCIe 7.2 Mbps
MC8792VHSDPA 7.2 Sierra WirelessPCIe 7.2 Mbps
MC8795VHSDPA 7.2 Sierra WirelessPCIe 7.2 Mbps
MC8801HSPA+ 21 Sierra WirelessPCIe 21 Mbps
Q26 ExtremeHSDPA 7.2 Sierra Wireless Connector7.2 Mbps
SL5010EVDO Sierra WirelessLGA 3.1 Mbps
SL5012EVDO Sierra WirelessLGA 3.1 Mbps
SL8080HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 3.6 Mbps
SL8081HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 3.6 Mbps
SL8082HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 3.6 Mbps
SL8083HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 3.6 Mbps
SL8084HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 3.6 Mbps
SL8090HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 14.4Mbps
SL8092HSDPA 3.6 Sierra WirelessLGA 14.4Mbps
WISMO218GPRS Sierra WirelessLCC Castellation85.6 kbps
WISMO228GPRS Sierra WirelessLCC Castellation85.6 kbps
WS6318 GPRSSierra Wireless LGA85.6 kbps


WAVECOM Wireless CPU Q24 Next Generation

Wireless CPU Q24 Series Next Generation"


The popular Quik Series was first launched in 1997 and is especially designed for embedded industrial Machine-to-Machine devices. This new extension includes four versions: Q24 Classic, Q24 Plus, Q24 Extended and Q24 Auto; in order to address a variety of  wireless devices. The new Q24 Family offers ultimate design flexibility with a choice of five different radio connectors and built-in SIM holder option. By being hardware and software compatible with the existing Q24 Family, this new series allows seamless upgrade of customer products and devices, thus saving on new design or re-design costs.
The new WAVECOM operating system Open AT offers extended features and functionality including: Enhanced echo cancellation,
rapid battery charger, TCP/IP Plug-In with basic internet protocols as well as an Internet Plug-In with E-mail and File
Transfer capabilities.

Each member of the new Q24 Series Family will offer greater DOTA (Download Over-The-Air) capacity making remote e- maintenance and new feature enhancements possible for both the operating system and the application protocols. As with all new WAVECOM solutions, software upgrades to any remote device can be done while the equipment is in the field, without ever having to return it to a service center, thereby increasing the device life span and reducing the total cost of ownership.
This new family of solutions is interchangeable with the new RoHS compliant CDMA Q2438 Wireless CPU and can operate worldwide thanks to its quadband GSM and Codec capability. In addition, the new Q24 Family is fully lead-free compliant according to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and meets worldwide guidelines of low lead content.

Q24 Classic:
The Q24 Classic, is the perfect solution for all Machine-to-Machine applications that require basic voice, SMS or circuit switched data wireless connectivity.

Q24 Plus:
Loaded with complete 2.5G GSM/GPRS voice and data capacity, this super-thin series is designed to fit into any application.

Q24 Extended:
Beside the complete 2.5G GSM/GPRS voice and data capacity, the Q24 Extended also offers an extended temperature range.

Q24 Auto:
In addition to the GSM/GPRS voice and data capacity, the Q24 Auto also offers an Automotive environmental qualification (temperature / humidity /vibration /...).

Produkt Features:

Wireless Processing Power:

  • ARM 7, 32-Bit, 52MHz max.
  • Program Flash: Up to 1.5 MByte
  • Up to 13MIPS

Operating-System Open AT OS 6.57 with:

  • VariPower (programmable Power Saving Modes)
  • RTC with Calendar
  • LiIon Battery Charger
  • More than 350 AT Commands and APIs
  • Investment Protection with:
    • DOTA Type 1 (Open AT Application)
    • DOTA Type 2 (WAVECOM OS)

Open AT Plug-Ins:

  • Internet Plug-In: adds Email (POP3/SMTP) & FTP
  • Security Plug-In (available 2007)
  • Easy Data Logging / Report Creation and Transfer


  • Overall Dimensions: 58 x 32 x 3.9 mm
  • Weight: < 12 g
  • Temperature Range:
    • Operating Class A -20C - +55C
    • Operating Class B -30C - +75C
    • (Only Q24 Extended and Auto)
    • Storage -40C - +85C
GSM Features:
  • Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
  • 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
  • Quad Audio Codec (FR/HR/EFR/AMR)
  • GSM CSD 14.4 Kbps
  • GPRS Multislot Class 10, Class B
  • Enhanced AEC & Noise Reduction


  • Antenna Connection:
    • U.FL Connector on Bottom Side
    • RF Pads supporting soldered coaxial Cable
    • IMP Connector
    • MMS Connector (optional for Q24 Auto)
    • U.FL Connector on top (optional for Q24 Auto)
    • SIM Holder on top (optional on Q24 Classic and Plus)
  • 60 Pin Board to Board Connector:
    • 1.8V/3V SIM (5V SIM with external Level Shifter)
    • Audio: 2x Microphone, 2x Speaker
    • 2 x RS-232 serial Link up to 115.2 Kbps
    • Keypad, up to 5x5 Matrix
    • General purpose I/O: 1 Input, 3 Output, 6 I/O
    • Software I2C Bus
    • General purpose serial Interface
    • Analog to digital Converter
    • Power Supply: 3.6VDC nominal - 1.8A Peak

Approval & Quality:

  • R&TTE Directive, GCF-CC, CE Marking, FCC, PTCRB, China RTE
  • Manufacturing: ISO TS 16949
  • Quality: ISO 9001
  • RoHS Compliant according Directive 2002/95/EC
Manufacturer Product Name Product Description
WAVECOM Q24 Classic V6.57 Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900
WAVECOM Q24 Plus V6.57 Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10 and TCP/IP Plug-In
WAVECOM Q24 Plus V6.57 IP Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10 and Internet Plug-In
WAVECOM Q24 Ext V6.57 Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10, TCP/IP Plug-In and extended Temperature Range
WAVECOM Q24 Ext V6.57 IP Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10, Internet Plug-In and extended Temperature Range
WAVECOM Q24 Auto V6.57 Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10, TCP/IP Plug-In and automotive Qualification
WAVECOM Q24 Auto V6.57 IP Wireless CPU, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, GPRS Cl. 10, Internet Plug-In and automotive Qualification
WAVECOM Q24 Plus STK WAVECOM Quik Starter Kit
GLYN EVBQ24PLUS GLYN Quik Evaluationboard
YAMAICHI FMS006Z-0000-BF SIM Card Reader; cover Type, w/o Switch
YAMAICHI FMS006Z-2001-1 SIM-Card Reader; push-push; with Switch
YAMAICHI FMS006-2310-0 SIM-Card Reader; push-lock; w/o Switch
YAMAICHI FMS006-3000-1 SIM-Card Reader; with Tray, w/o Switch
AVX 24-5087-060-900-861 60 Pin Board-to-Board Connector for Quik Q24 Series
TPS ADAPTER CABLE FME 20 Adapter Cable with FME-Male Connector, Length = 200mm
TPS ADAPTER CABLE SMA Adapter Cable with SMA Female Connector, Length = 127mm
VIMCOM ADAPTER UFL/FME Adapter Cable Hirose U.FL Male right to FME-Male, Length = 100mm

 Using a serial GSM modem over a TCP/IP connection is a very good alternative to a USB or serial modem. Especially when it is difficult to use a GSM modem in the data center, a TCP/IP connection makes it possible to place the modem on a location with better network coverage. When using multiple GSM modems, the modems can be placed in different spots to prevent interference between the modems or overloading a specific network cell.

GSM modems applications and examples

The GSM modems comes with a lot of unique features like:

  • GSM modems with embedded TCP/IP

  • GSM modem with jammer detection

  • GSM modules with licence free Python interpreter

  • Module with enhanced GSM cell scanner

  • Embedded fire wall


Recently Introduced Sequoia GSM Modems and Starter Kits.

Suppliers of Sierra Wireless 3G/HSUPA Routers and GPS Units. Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven X, Raven XE, Raven XT Routers and Pinpoint X , XT Routers with GPS.

Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend Programmable Gateways. Sierra Wireless Airlink Fastrack Xtend GPRS, Xtend with EDGE, and Xtend 3G programmable Gateways.

Sierra Wireless starter/cabinet kits for Airlink Fastrack Xtend GSM/GPRS/3G modems, comprising Quad Band GSM modem, 15/9 serial data cable, 12 volt power supply and 14/ wave dual band magmount antenna.

Sierra Wireless Airlink GL61xx RS232 and USB Programmable Gateways. Sierra Wireless Airlink GL6110 USB and GL6100 RS232 Programmable Modems.

Suppliers of Terminals developed from Sierra Wireless Modules (Q26). Q26 Terminal developed from the Sierra Wireless Module. Extended temperature range from -30C to +80C. Low Power Mode (1ma with GPRS connect)

Suppliers of Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) Modules, Terminals and M2M equipment. Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) Wismo Quik Q2686 and Q2687, supporting GSM/GPRS technology, available as a Development Kit.

Cinterion Wireless Products. The very latest Cinterion GSM modems, modules and terminals, AC65i, AC75i, BGS2T,BGS3, EES3, EGS3, EGS5, HC25, MC52i, MC55i, MC66, MC75i, TC63i, TC65i, XT65,XT75 and GSM-R module TRM3.

Cinterion MC35i and TC35I terminals have now been replaced with MC52i and MC55i modems. Cinterion MC52i, MC55i and TC65iT Vehicle, cabinet fixed installation and standard starter kits available.Standard Starter Kits comprising of terminal, 1/4 wave magmount antenna, 9/9 serial data cable and 2.5 amp inline power supply.

New generation Cinterion terminals, BGS2T, MC55iT, MC52iT, MC66, MC88i and MC88iT.

PC104, Industrial Modems developed from Cinterion Modules. GSM/GPRS PC104, Industrial and PCI Modems developed from AC75i,AC65i, BG2-W, HC25,MC55i,MC75i,TC63i,TC65i,EGS3,EGS5,EU3,XT65,XT75 amd XT85 Cinterion Modules.

GSM/GPRS Quadband RS232/USB Terminals - Cinterion MC75i, TC63i, TC65i and CT63 (RS232/USB).
GSM Industrial Modems. Cinterion BGS2T,MC55i,MC66 and MC88/MC88i Industrial Modems.
GSM/GPRS RS232/USB with GPS Capability. Cinterion XT65 and XT75 GPS Modems.
3G Terminals with GPS. Cinterion HC25 RS232/USB 3G Modems with GPS
Terminals Suitable For Automobile Applications. Cinterion AC75i Terminal suitable for Automobile Application.

Telemetry units with analog/digital inputs and outputs. Use you mobile phone to control tasks such as garage doors, turn on lights, activate or de-activate alarm systems and control heating systems.
The STD32 Quad-Band (Worlwide coverage) has 2 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, web-server with a facility to add an IP camera, with the STD35 comprising 3 digitals inputs, 2 analogue inputs and 5 digital outputs. Also the SCOM-100 and Teltonika TWCT20 with 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs and 4 digital outputs. All units have CE and E Approval.

SIM900L GSM/GPRS Module.
SIM300EZ SIM300E Tri-band GSM/GPRS Module.
SIM700DZ SIM700D Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Module.
SIM700Z SIM700 Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Module.
Prime AT
Prime PT

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3 G GSM Module


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4 LTE Module


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GSM/GPRS Standards


Applications of GSM Modem

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