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Productive Time Management Attendance Software systems remote access


Low Cost Desktop Time attendance System

Benefits of attendance system

  • Accurate pay and award interpretation
  • Payroll errors Reduced
  • Improved Administration
  • Controlled Absenteeism
  • Reduce payroll costs through reduced overtime
  • Increased productivity
  • Complete compliance

Online Time Attendance System for multiple Office / Location / Branch

It is a challenge to monitor attendance for a company having multiple locations / branches. Online Attendance system or web based time attendance software for HR team of such organisation need to have instant information of the attendance at branch level employees. Our multi location attendance solution can help HR team to monitor , Control time attendance and access control activates. Benefits of Online Multi location attendance System :

1. Real time monitoring : Get the attendance data at central server in Real-time mode.

2. User Registration : Centralized and at Branch level

3. User Transfer : Centralized user / employee transfer from one attendance system to other

4. Centralized Attendance : Get all employee's data at central software for attendance calculation

5. No manual work : Get data transferred using internet connection. No manual work to send data to Head Office

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Browser-based Time and Attendance Software

Attendance Enterprise, time and attendance software with online time sheets, automates the employee time tracking process, letting you:

  • Track employee hours worked and wages paid
  • Automate leave management process
  • Cut payroll costs by automating complex payroll policies and calculations
  • Simplify regulatory compliance and wage audits
  • Customize reporting and data display


:: Introduction Software

The Time Attendance Software tracks employees' time and provides a daily reconciliation of time records as reports or for further processing by payroll software. As a result, the software cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from error, and saves a substantial amount of money that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other. It is a complete and a cost effective solution for T&A and security

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  • Prepare employee muster

  • Monitor employee attendance

  • Track vacation & sick time

  • Schedule employees

  • Provide flexible shifts

  • Automate time rounding policies

  • Quickly retrieve historical data

  • Print any of numerous reports

  • Link with payroll software

  • And much, much more


:: Software Modules

  • Company: to enter company or facility details and address

  • Departments: to create and manage various departments for department wise attendance monitoring

  • Employee: Employee registration and management

  • Shift management: to enter complex shift information, including overnight shift information and overtime schedules

  • Calendar: company holidays and calendar

  • Leave management: To allocate and track employee leaves, multiple leave types is supported

  • Administration: Admin functions, importing logs, logs editing and processing

  • Reports: Number of useful reports are available in HTML and text formats


:: Payroll interface

 The Time-TRONIX TA software can be easily interfaced with your existing Payroll software. All payroll software accept standard time attendance data produced by Time-TRONIX TA software. This data is provided in MS-access or text format. Most payroll software will accept text data.

:: Reports

A variety of reports can be produced to give you the information you need in a format you can use. Following standard reports are available:

  • Attendance Report

  • Time Attendance Report

  • Lateness Report

  • Overtime Report

  • Overnight Report

  • Leave Report

  • Absence Report

  • Exception Report

  • Shift Roster Report

  • Clocking Report

  • Staff Not Working Report

  • Staff Not Clocking Report


:: Software (Time Attendance only)  features

  • Time-TRONIX TA software is easy to install and use on windows platform.

  • You can install it on a single computer or on your LAN server to access it from anywhere in the organization. It is also possible to install it on the web server.

  • Time-TRONIX TA software is developed to offer standard Time attendance features and reports.

  • The software has been developed in Active Server pages with large part of the source code kept open to allow experienced administrators and developers to add custom features easily, if required.

  • has a dedicated team to develop and support Time-TRONIX TA. We intend to develop it into a comprehensive Time Attendance software with support for wide industries, hence we consider integrating custom features free of cost for our clients, if required.

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:: More....

  • The fingerprint data is encrypted and secure
  • Comes with assured warranty, support and service
  • Manufactured in India


:: Packaging list for Time-TRONIX
  • Time-TRONIX TA software CD
  • User Manual


:: Applications
  • Time & Attendance: Offices, Factories, Government etc.

:: Order Information                    India - International 

for orders e-mail: sales@ravirajtech.com

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