Face Recognition System

Standalone Face Physical Access Control with LCD Touch Screen Wireless

Face Recognition System

The face recognition embedded solution F710 is a multi purpose system which can be used for time attendance, access control and user identification.
  • Time attendance: The device can mark attendance time of users.
  • Access control: The device can be connected to an electric door lock and configured in a manner that it opens only after successful user verification.
  • User identification: The device can scan the face of a user and find his identity records saved in its database.

Package Contents

Device Familiarization

Turning the Device ON

Administrator Registration

  • The first step in the operation of the device is the administrator [admin] registration. Only admin has the option to control the device & manage the records. Up to 5 admins can be registered in the device.
  • To start with, after turning the device on, press MENU. Now the following prompt will appear.

  • Now the device will start the admin registration process.
  • Make sure that the device is kept at a distance of 50-80 cm from the face at the time of registration and verification.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the registration.
  • The system will ask ‘Register as User?’ Press OK if the admin is to be registered as a user too. Press ESC if that is not required.
  • After successful registration, the confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.
  • For admin verification, press MENU in stand by. A green circle and a scanning brush will appear on the screen. Keep the face in such a manner that the brush can scan it properly, at the proper distance mentioned above. Once successfully verified, the Functions Menu will appear on the screen.

User Registration

  • Only admin can register, modify or delete users.
  • Press MENU for admin verification. After successful verification, Functions Menu will appear. Now proceed in the following manner.

  • After successful user registration, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen.

User Verification

  • The system automatically detects a face when it appears in front of the camera.
  • Adjust the face so that a green square is seen blinking on the screen. This denotes that the system is attempting to verify the face. If it doesn’t appear, then adjust the face properly. You may be too far from or too near to the device.
  • The device may show messages like ‘Adjust Your Actions’. This can happen if the face is not steady or facial expressions need to be adjusted.
  • After successful user verification, voice prompt gives a voice message ‘access granted’.
  • If a face is unknown to the system, it gives the message ‘access denied’ via the voice prompt.

User Guide

  • The user guide provided along with the system, in printed & word document formats, give all details regarding device configuration, installation, admin/user management, system settings, record management etc.

Management Software

  • A management software comes along with the system which can be installed on a PC using the installation CD provided. It can be used for a variety of functions including staff management, device management, work shift settings, data import/export etc.
  • The default language of the software is Chinese. Follow these instructions to change it to English.

Device Performance

The device is highly accurate & dependable. Still, keeping in mind the following points will aid in better device performance.



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5. Which lock can be use for emergency exit doors?
Face Recognition F710

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