Asset Management with Satellite Vehicle Tracking System

:: GPS Satellite Vehicle Tracking Management System ::


General Asset Monitoring

General Asset Monitoring with vehicle tracking systems do you need an easier, more cost-effective way to RFID monitor,RFID tracking,RFID managerment operational equipment and processes? Would you like to extend this capability to your customers through the products you produce? GAORFID can help you monitor real assets and processes, and deal with potential problems proactively to reduce warranty costs.

RFID Product Solution Pyramid

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:: Introduction

An instantaneous tracking and logging system for autos, trucks, police department, delivery services, concerned parents of teenage children, etc. This revolutionary new tracking device combines GPS with GSM digital cellular technology using a PC or laptop without going through the Internet. A 20x4 LCD is provided on front panel of unit for on the spot position verification/detection. Our GSM/GPS Vehicle Tracker system is compact, reliable, affordable and easy to use. Its small size makes it easy to install and access. real time vehicle tracking systems. convert vehicle tracking systems, spy vehicle tracking, stolen vehicle tracking, vehicle tracking device, cell phone tracking, vehicle history, gps vehicle tracking system

Vehicle Tracking System

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General Specifications:
Physical Characteristics:

Unit size: 100 * 70 * 50mm (height)
Weight: 300 g
Black plastic ABS

Case Environmental Characteristics:

Operational Temperature: -5C to +85C (board temperature)

Case Environmental Characteristics:

Communication and GPS ONLINE (in power saving mode) : Fully charged battery (5 Volt 5*1.2 Volt- 650mA) last about 7 Hours with GPS and
Communication ON LINE ( GPS in power saving mode)
Communication and GPS OFFLINE (sleep mode):
Fully charged battery (5 Volt 5*1.2 Volt- 650mA) last about 26 Hours with GPS OFFLINE and
Communication ON LINE.

* Depends on battery age, last charge, approximate only

Unit Range:
Anywhere in the world within GSM Mobile Phone coverage.
:: Features:

Optimized as car security system
Easy installation similar to existing car alarm systems
Geo Fencing status shown by LED
GSM-SMS and GPRS connectivity
Wireless configuration and parameter setup
Battery Backup
:: GPS Specifications:

Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 12Accuracy
Position 25 meters CEP without SA
Velocity 0.1 meters/second, without SA
Time 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time
1.3 DGPS Accuracy
Position 1 to 5 meters, typical
Velocity 0.05 meters/second, typical
1.5 Acquisition Rate
Snap Start <3 sec., average
Hot start <8 sec., average
Warm start <38 sec., average
Cold start <45 sec., average

:: GSM modem Specifications:

E-GSM/GPRS 900 / 1800 dual or quad band module 850/900/1800 and 1900
58.3 x 32.2 x 3,9 mm [TBC]
2 Watts EGSM radio section running under 3,6 Volts
1 Watt GSM1800 radio section running under 3,6 Volts
Digital section under 2.8 Volts
3V SIM interface
Real Time Clock with calendar
Echo Cancellation + noise reduction
Full GSM/GPRS software stack
Hardware GPRS class 2 capable
Complete shielding
SIM card



:: Electrical Characteristics:

Input Voltage: + 12V or +6 Volt DC regulated / 2A-MAX (GSM Transmit)
Power Consumption: 12 Volt 200 mA (GPS On Line)
(GSM Modem On Line)
12 Volt 100 mA (GPS in Power Down Mode)
(GSM Modem On Line)
12 Volt 5mA (GPS in Power Down Mode)
(GSM Modem Standby)
Backup Power: Nickel Metal Hydride Battery 650-800 mA
Memory Backup: Flash Memory Data retention 200 Years.
64 Kbyte (64000 * 8 Bits data)
Up to 4000 individual locations can be saved
Built in motion switch (the unit can be mounted in any position for activation).
Four negative outputs (200mA max per output).
Seven inputs (active low/high to activate input).
Build in serial port (1200 to 38400 baud Rate) for external communication and firmware upgrade
Detects external power loss.
Internal Temperature Sensor
* Power input protected against wrong connection and voltage >24 Volt
* All Inputs are protected against high voltage
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GPS Mouse


Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 12

DGPS Accuracy

Position 3~7 meters, typical
Velocity 0.05 meters, typical
Datum: WGS-84

Position 25 meters CEP without SA
Velocity 0.1 meters/second, without SA
Time 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time
Dynamic Conditions

Altitude 18,000 meters (60,000 feet) max
Velocity 515 meters/second (1000 knots) max
Acceleration 4g., max.
Jerk 20 meters/second
Acquisition Rate

Snap Start <3 sec., average
Hot start <8 sec., average
Warm start <38 sec., average
Cold start <45 sec., average

Operating range -40 deg. C to +85 deg.C.
Storage range -55 deg. C to +100 deg. C.
 DC Power

Power Input: +3~5VDc Version or 3AA Battery
Supply Current: 78mA Typical
Physical Characteristics

Length 65mm
Width 41mm
Weight 24mm
Weight =100g
Interface & Protocol

Serial communication, RS232,USB ,PS2, PDAs
Adapter sync cable option.
Defaut NMEA-0183, version2.20 with a baud rate  selection status, and Control NMEA, RMC, VTG, GGA & GSV, 4800bps, 8, N,1.

Vehicle, RFID Tags - 902~928 MHz (UHF) RFID Tags - 433 MHz - (UHF) RFID Readers - 865 MHz - (UHF) RFID Readers - 433 MHz - (UHF) RFID Tags - 134Khz - (LF) RFID Tags - 13.56MHz - (HF) RFID Readers - 13.56MHz - (HF) RFID Readers - 125KHz - (LF) RFID Tags - 865MHz - (UHF) RFID Tags - 125KHz - (LF) RFID Readers - 900MHz - (UHF) RFID Antenna RFID Tags - Gen 2 RFID Embedded RFID Readers - Gen 2 RFID Active Readers - 2.45GHz (UHF) RFID Active Tags - 2.45GHz (UHF) RFID Readers - 134KHz - (LF) RFID Peripherals General Asset Monitoring Tags General Asset Monitoring Readers Healthcare Asset Tracking Tags Healthcare Asset Tracking Readers Supply Chain

RFID Tags Supply Chain RFID Readers Car Rental Asset Tracking Readers Car Rental Asset Tracking Tags Fleet Maintenance RFID Tags Fleet Maintenance RFID Readers Inventory Management RFID Tags Inventory Management RFID Readers Manufacturing Asset Tracking Tags Manufacturing Asset Tracking Readers Document Tracking RFID Tags Document Tracking RFID Readers Airport Asset Tracking Tags Airport Asset Tracking Readers Compliance Asset Tracking Tags Compliance Asset Tracking Readers Defense Asset Tracking Tags Defense Asset Tracking Readers Asset Tracking - Other RIFD Tags Asset Tracking - Other RIFD Readers Other RFID Tags Other RFID Readers RFID Low Frequency Readers, RFID High Frequency Readers, RFID Ultra High Frequency Reader, RFID Low Frequency Tags, RFID High Frequency Tags, RFID Ultra High Frequency Tags, RFID Antenna, RFID Modules, RFID Evaluation Kits, UHF, HF, LF. gps inexpensive passive tracking vehicle, gps pennsylvania tracking vehicle, tracking unit vehicle, gps based vehicle tracking, car gps tracking vehicle, gps mexico tracking vehicle, vehicle tracking solution,GSM Modem India, GSM Module India, GPRS Modem India, GPRS Module India, GSM India, GPRS India, GSM-GPRS modules, GSM technology, GSM india, GPRS GSM technology, gsm modem, wavecom

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