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PC/network security field refers to using fingerprint recognition technology for things such as server access control, under access control and network environment of personal PCs or notebooks. As the information communication technology advances at a rapid pace, the number of non-face-to-face transactions has been growing, going away from the previous face-to-face transactions, and under such environment more than anything the demand for accurate identification is becoming important The existing methods of using passwords or tokens carry the risk of theft, loss, spillage, and forgetfulness.

On the other hand, fingerprint recognition is a technology that eliminates these risks while at the same time offering convenience to the users. Also, as more and more of corporate activities are done by computers, consequent problem of user access control is being highlighted as a security issue. Recently there has been a surge of companies offering intra corporate computer network security solutions using fingerprint recognition technology. Automatic civil application issuance, crime scene fingerprints, confirmation of crime records, seeking out suspects

:: Introduction USB Fingerprint Scanner Server based security Systems    

eNDeSS Enterprise manages fingerprint data in the server system by using the active directory technology and provides the data to the client on the network.


  • Client side authentication.

  • It uses Active Directory. (Stored Fingerprint data)

  • It supports BioAPI (v1.1)

  • It uses powerful encryption algorithems (AES / SHA-2)

  • Quick and precise fingerprint authentication by automatically optimized fingerprint image.

  • Easy and convenient user environment.


  • Secure Fingerprint registration & verification system

  • Allow you to store personal information, fingerprints and photographs of the users in database

  • Verify the user Identity with one-to-one or one-to-many fingerprint matching

  • Optional Photograph pop-up after fingerprint verification

  • Auto-scanning option for operator free scanning and logging

:: Technical Specifications
Resolution 500dpi
Sensing area 13.6x16.2mm
Dimensions 21(w)x31(l)x59(h) in mm
Encrypted data size 400bytes
Verification time < 1 sec
Weight 28g
Ambient temperature -40 to 60oC
Scanner type Optical
PC interface USB

Windows 2000 / 2003 with active directory installed


:: System requirement

Item Information
OS Windows 2000 / 2003 with active directory installed
CPU Pentium III 500Mhz or higher
Memory 256MB or higher
HDD 100MB or higher
IE V5.5 or higher

:: Composition 

No. Item Information
1 eNDeSS Server Network Server Program
2 eNUser Manager Authentication data management program
3 Event Viewer View windows event log
4 eNEntServerTray eNDeSS Enterprise management program

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eNDeSS Enterprise 


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