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RaviRaj Technologies is continuously introducing cutting-edge technologies in its products to achieve lower costs, better quality and competitive advantage.
RaviRaj Technologies is now offering GSM based hardware and software development services. This include embedded GSM terminals, GSM modems, GSM module integration, GPRS communication integration, GSM based remote monitoring and management systems, GSM applications in Industrial control, GSM security systems and more..
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GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is worlds most famous Mobile platform. Mobile phones with SIM cards use GSM technology to help you communicate with your family, friends and business associates.
GSM systems have following advantages over basic land line telephony systems:
1. Mobility
2. Easy availability
3. High uptime

GSM technology is being mostly used for talking to family, friends and business colleagues. we use communication feature of Telephone landlines for internet, e-mail, data connectivity, remote monitoring, computer to computer communication, security systems. In the same way we can use GSM technology and benefit from its advantages.


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Machine-to-Machine Communications
M2M communication is about integrating real time date from remote assets with business processes to gain business advantage

Benefits of M2M
Reduced Costs : M2M solutions reduces cost by making the operations efficient, reducing the onsite vists, automating processes etc.

Improved Service : By building intelligence with in the devices, M2M solutions can greatly improve the service aspect of the devices through remote management.

Increases Revenue:

M2M Eco System

Modules : Wireless modules that operate on the cellular networks enable remote communication on M2M devices. They support different communication methods such as IP, SMS etc. Bandwidth and latencies of wireless modules vary depending on the network technologies that they support. Wireless modules come in different form factors such as PCIe, LGA, BGA and other proprietary form factors. The cost of wireless modules have been significantly coming down over the past few years.

Devices : Wireless modules are embedded in variety of devices across various vertical markets such as security, industrial, retail, healtcare, transportation, buildings, energy etc.

Network : Many M2M devices operate on the same cellular networks that are used by the everyday mobile devices such as Smartphone, tablets etc. Getting M2M devices certified on carrier network is a challenging task because of the onerous approval process established by network carriers. As voice subscribers are getting saturated, wireless carriers are looking more in to M2M devices for future growth.

Software : The real benefit of M2M solutions comes from taking data from a remote device and integrating with backend systems.

You can use GSM technology for following applications:

Access control devices: Now access control devices can communicate with servers and security staff through SMS messaging. Complete log of transaction is available at the head-office Server instantly without any wiring involved and device can instantly alert security personnel on their mobile phone in case of any problem. RaviRaj Technologies is introducing this technology in all Fingerprint Access control and time attendance products. You can achive high security any reliability.

Transaction terminals: EDC machines, POS terminals can use SMS messaging to confirm transactions from central servers. The main benefit is that central server can be anywhere in the world. Today you need local servers in every city with multiple telephone lines. You save huge infrastructure costs as well as per transaction cost.

Supply Chain Management: Today SCM require huge IT infrastructure with leased lines, networking devices, data centre, workstations and still you have large downtimes and high costs. You can do all this at a fraction of the cost with GSM M2M technology. A central server in your head office with GSM capability is the answer, you can receive instant transaction data from all your branch offices, warehouses and business associates with nil downtime and low cost.

What applications is suitable for GSM communication?

If your application needs one or more of the following features, GSM will be more cost-effective then other communication systems.
Short Data Size: You data size per transaction should be small like 1-3 lines. e.g. banking transaction data, sales/purchase data, consignment tracking data, updates. These small but important transaction data can be sent through SMS messaging which cost even less then a local telephone call or sometimes free of cost worldwide. Hence with negligible cost you are able to send critical information to your head office located anywhere in the world from multiple points. You can also transfer faxes, large data through GSM but this will be as or more costly compared to landline networks.

Multiple remote data collection points: If you have multiple data collections points situated all over your city, state, country or worldwide you will benefit the most. The data can be sent from multiple points like your branch offices, business associates, warehouses, agents with devices like GSM modems connected to PCs, GSM electronic terminals and Mobile phones. Many a times some places like warehouses may be situated at remote location may not have landline or internet but you will have GSM network still available easily.

High uptime: If your business require high uptime and availability GSM is best suitable for you as GSM mobile networks have high uptime compared to landline, internet and other communication mediums. Also in situations where you expect that someone may sabotage your communication systems by cutting wires or taping landlines, you can depend on GSM wireless communication.

Large transaction volumes: GSM SMS messaging can handle large number of transaction in a very short time. You can receive large number SMS messages on your server like e-mails without internet connectivity. E-mails normally get delayed a lot but SMS messages are almost instantaneous for instant transactions. consider situation like shop owners doing credit card transaction with GSM technology instead of conventional landlines. many a time you find local transaction servers busy as these servers use multiple telephone lines to take care of multiple transactions, whereas one GSM connection is enough to handle hundreds of transaction per minute.

Mobility, Quick installation: GSM technology allow mobility, GSM terminals, modems can be just picked and installed at other location unlike telephone lines. Also you can be mobile with GSM terminals and can also communicate with server using your mobile phone. You can just purchase the GSM hardware like modems, terminals and mobile handsets, insert SIM cards, configure software and your are ready for GSM communication. GSM solutions can be implemented within few weeks whereas it may take many months to implement the infrastructure for other technologies.

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