3G 4G GSM GPRS Embedded Module


3G embedded modules support UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA communications, reverting to GPRS/EDGE if 3G coverage is not available . HSUPA and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE modules offering up to 7.2, 14.4, 21, 42 Mbps download speeds

Manufacturer : Sierra Wireless
Q26 Elite1xRTTSierra WirelessConnector153 kbps
AR35501xRTTSierra WirelessLGA153kbps
AR5550EVDOSierra WirelessLGA3.1 Mbps
AR8550EVDOSierra WirelessLGA14.4Mbps
AR8552EVDOSierra WirelessLGA14.4Mbps
SL6087EDGESierra WirelessLGA236.8 kbps
Q2686GPRSSierra WirelessConnector85.6 kbps
Q2687EDGESierra WirelessConnector236.8 kbps
MC5728VEVDOSierra WirelessPCIe3.1 Mbps
MC7700LTESierra WirelessPCIe100 Mbps
MC7710LTESierra WirelessPCIe100 Mbps
MC7750LTESierra WirelessPCIe100 Mbps
MC8090LTESierra WirelessPCIe14.4Mbps
MC8092LTESierra WirelessPCIe14.4Mbps
MC8305LTESierra WirelessPCIe14.4Mbps
MC8355LTESierra WirelessPCIe14.4Mbps
MC8704HSPA+ 21Sierra WirelessPCIe21 Mbps
MC8705HSPA+ 21Sierra WirelessPCIe21 Mbps
MC8790HSDPA 7.2Sierra WirelessPCIe7.2 Mbps
MC8790VHSDPA 7.2Sierra WirelessPCIe7.2 Mbps
MC8792VHSDPA 7.2Sierra WirelessPCIe7.2 Mbps
MC8795VHSDPA 7.2Sierra WirelessPCIe7.2 Mbps
MC8801HSPA+ 21Sierra WirelessPCIe21 Mbps
Q26 ExtremeHSDPA 7.2Sierra WirelessConnector7.2 Mbps
SL5010EVDOSierra WirelessLGA3.1 Mbps
SL5012EVDOSierra WirelessLGA3.1 Mbps
SL8080HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA3.6 Mbps
SL8081HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA3.6 Mbps
SL8082HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA3.6 Mbps
SL8083HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA3.6 Mbps
SL8084HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA3.6 Mbps
SL8090HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA14.4Mbps
SL8092HSDPA 3.6Sierra WirelessLGA14.4Mbps
WISMO218GPRSSierra WirelessLCC Castellation85.6 kbps
WISMO228GPRSSierra WirelessLCC Castellation85.6 kbps
WS6318GPRSSierra WirelessLGA85.6 kbps


:: Introduction

Smart 2G/3G Modules :- Programmable modules enabling shared processing, Automotive-grade wireless modules for robust in-vehicle connectivity

High-speed 3G/4G modules :- modules for high-speed connectivity, GSM/GPRS modules for M2M faster connectivity.


Sierra Wavecom GSM/GPRS Q2686 SERIES

Fit it Anywhere, Everywhere!

Loaded with complete 3 G GSM/GPRS voice and data capacity, the super-thin WISMO Quik Q2400 Series is designed to fit your needs. From space-stingy phones and PDAs to rough-and-tumble automotive and industrial applications, this is the platform that does it all.

The Q2400 series offers the max in data flow with high-performance GPRS Class 10. The ultra slim profile – less than 4 mm. thick – makes it easy to slip the WISMO Quik Q2400 into any phone. And you can’t find a more reliable performer: millions of wireless devices and applications are operating on WISMO Quik Q2400 platforms on GSM/GPRS networks worldwide.


Air InterfaceHSPA
Frequency BandsWCDMA 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz
WCDMA 850/1800/1900/2100 AWS MHz
ApprovalsFCC, IC, CE
Compliance with multiple automotive manufacturing and quality processes including AQPQ, PPAP, PCN, and 8D
SIM InterfaceStandard SIM interface
Embedded SIM (SON8) as an option
SIM switch between internal and external SIM
Antenna DiversityYes
Location SolutiongpsOne
Embedded SIMYes
Control OptionsAT commands
Device ManagementNo
Device Dimensions40 x 40 x 4.12 mm
Operational Temperature-40°C to +85°C


The WISMO Quik Q2686 Series is available in two interchangeable dual band versions: Q2406 for 900/1800 MHz operations and Q2686 for the 850 and 1900 MHz bands. The WISMO Quik Q2406 and Q2426 are optimized for use as the hardware platform for Wavecom Compact Phones and Starter Phones Development Labs,
as well as Wavecom Mobile Computing, PDA, Automotive and Machine-to-Machine Development Labs.

Save space
By using a super slim GSM/GPRS hardware platform
Rely on it
With a protocol stack delivering solid dependability
in numerous applications on dozens of networks
Take it anywhere
Thanks to field-proven reliability in rugged handheld,
automotive and industrial environments
Expand into new markets
By interchanging dual band versions to operate
on all GSM/GPRS networks worldwide

The WISMO Quik Q2400 series is available in three versions:
Q2403: 900/1800 GPRS Class 2 
Q2406: 900/1800 GPRS Class 10
Q2426: 850/1900 GPRS Class 10

Multi-Band GSM/GPRS module
- Dual-band EGSM 900/1800 MHz
Compliant with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ standard
Class 4 (2W @ 850/900 MHz)
Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900 MHz)
Power supply:
3.6 VDC (direct connection to Li-ion
battery pack)
300mA average current in communication
(GSM900, 0% DTX, Pmax)
<3.5mA in idle mode (GSM)

Dimensions: 58 x 32 x 3.9mm
Weight: 11g (including shielding)
Mechanical footprint, electrical interfaces
fully compatible with Q2300 series.

Antenna interfaces:
RF pads supporting coaxial cable
Single 60 pins board to board connector Including:
Power supply connection
3V SIM interface with SIM detection
(5V SIM with external level shifter)

• General Purpose I/Os
• General Purpose Serial Interface
• Analog to Digital Converter
• 10 input lines for 5x5 keypad
• 1 buzzer output
• RS-232 serial link supporting:
• Remote control by AT commands
(GSM 07.07 and 07.05)
• Serial baud rate from 300 to
115,200 bits/s
• Autobauding (300 to 38,400 bits/s)
IrDA 1.2A protocol (using external IR Transceiver)

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