Biometrics role in SSO

Biometrics refers to technologies for measuring and analyzing human body characteristics for authentication purposes
Biometric technologies available:

  • Fingerprint biometrics – fingerprint recognition
  • Eye biometrics – iris and retinal scanning
  • Face biometrics – face recognition using visible or infrared light (called facial thermography)
  • Hand geometry biometrics – also finger geometry
  • Signature biometrics – signature recognition
  • Voice biometrics – speaker recognition

How Fingerprint biometrics plays an important role in SSO

There is Ridge patterns on fingers which plays key role for uniquely identify people
Each fingerprint has at least one of the major features and many “small features” (so-called minutiae)
So fingerprint biometrics provides greater security for SSO.

Implementing Biometrics for Identity Management for Oracle Apps

Implementation can be done using following two options
1. By using SDK code (at client level), So that Oracle Apps Login Forms can be modified to include Biometric Authentication
2. By securing complete Operating System using Biometric based PC Logon Solution
Both the options are explained with there technical specs and features in following sections

By using SDK code (at client level)

  • User tries to access the application (windows/Web based application)
  • Application sends a request to SSO application for the authentication purpose.
  • SSO application asks User to enter his/her authentication details like fingerprint scans, PIN etc.
  • If credentials are correct then user can access the application.
  • Now user can access all applications available on the server