USB Optical Fingerprint  Scanner

:: Introduction

Fingkey Hamster DX is largest selling USB Fingerprint scanner in India since last 10 years. It has been used in over 500 Government & Civil ID Projects. Its known for its scratch proof surface, crystal clear fingerprint images and expected lifespan of 5 to 10 years.

Fingerprint Recognition Hamster is a fingerprint scanner for a computer Security featuring superior performance, accuracy, durability based on unique Fingerprint Biometric Technology. It can be plugged into a computer separately with your mouse. It is very safe and convenient device for security instead of password that is vulnerable to fraud and is hard to remember.

Use Hamster with your choice of compatible biometric software for authentication, identification and verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.

Recommended by AICTE thumb image capture free fingerprint image grabber software

Security of important data has always been a major concern for every tech-savvy. With the introduction of smartphones in the market, people started carrying important data in the mass storage that the smartphones have. Since people nowadays also have Internet connections for their smartphones, this approach makes the data vulnerable to the potential threats from the Internet. These threats develop a paramount need of antivirus security.

Android Market, which is an online store, provides many applications called Security Scanner Android to deal with such threats. The Security Scanner Android secures the smartphones and their data from several virus attacks, malwares and spywares. Settings of most Security Scanner Android applications can be personalized by scheduling the time and the level of scan that the users want them to perform. A Security Scanner Android app is recommended for every smartphone to protect the data in it.

USB Fingerprint Scanner Server based security Systems








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:: Features  

  • Fast and Perfect Authentication through excellent Algorithm.

  • Compact, lightweight and portable.

  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical fingerprint scanner.

  • Resistance to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock.

  • Latent print image removal (does not accept prints left behind).

  • Encryption of fingerprint templates.


:: Applications

  • Personal computer / workstation security.

  • Network / enterprise security.

  • e-commerce / e-business.

  • Electronic transactions.

  • Banking and financial systems.

  • Medical information systems.

  • Any password-based application.


:: Technical Specifications

Fingerprint SensorOPP 01
Dimensions25.3(W) x 40.7(L) x 67.7(H) mm
Scanner Resolution500 dpi
Verification TimeLess than 1 second
Operating Temperature0 to 40C
Operating Humidity< 90% relative, non-condensing
Supply voltage5 V from USB port
InterfaceUSB 1.1
Supported Operating SystemsWindows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
:: Software Included in the CD

:: Software package (Security Program for Desktop PC
   SecuEnterprise Standard.
   Windows Logon.
   Screen Saver.
   Folder Encryption /Decryption.
   Event viewer.
:: Visual Basic OCX evaluation SDK.
:: Drivers.


Optical vs. Capacitive (Semiconductor) Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint Readers
FBI Certified / PIV Single Finger Reader
Hamster IV (FBI Certified)
Verifier 300 (FBI Certified)
FS88 (FBI Certified)

Single Finger Reader
Hamster Plus
U.are.U 4500 Reader
Hamster III

Dual Fingerprint Readers
Verifier 320 LC
Verifier 310 LC

Fingerprint Mouse
Secugen OptiMouse Plus

Water/Dirt proof (IP6 Rating)
Lumidigm Venus Sensors
Mercury Sensors

Fingerprint Reader with Smart Card

Fingerprint Reader with Serial Interface

OEM Fingerprint Modules
FDU04 (FBI Certified)
SDA04 (FBI Certified)
FS81 (USB)
U.are.U 4500 (USB)

10 Finger(Flat/Roll), Palm Print
L Scan Guardian
L Scan 500P

USB Fingerprint Scanner Server based security Systems

Buy Fingerprint Time Attendance system & Fingerprint Access control system for Offices. Fingerprint Scanners & Fingerprint Readers with Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Computer security & UID Aadhaar project. Source Biometrics Security systems, Fingerprint Recognition, Face recognition & Iris Recognition technology products & services. Biometric Time Attendance machine & Biometric Access control systems and software.

Hardware only

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Hamster USB Optical Fingerprint  Scanner



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