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We are dedicated to making the best reliable products to our customers. Our engineer team consists senior professionals, specializing in Automotive electronics, Wireless communication and GPS tracking technology. Because Telemetries industry grows vigorously in fast path, we keep moving forward to deliver the up-to-date outcomes to our customers.

RaviRaj Technologies becomes the leading AVL and GPS solution provider because we not only outperform among the industry vendors but also seek the newest technology.

Our innovative products are made to suit customerís requirements. To pursue the key objectives of our products: practical application, optimal performance, and high stability, we cooperate with the leading chip and module manufacturers. Therefore, our customers can enjoy a successful outcome while becoming our partners.

Fleet Management System (FMS) becomes a critical task for the management center. Usually, the operator would conduct the complex tasks including vehicle location positioning, route tracking, fuel usage, security and safety of vehicle, and driving behavior analysis. Therefore, a total solution with all the functionalities can save efforts and time.

We are the best devices for any kind of FMS tasks. With the fundamental tracking feature, all the trackers benefit the operator with the real-time tracking and monitoring of the fleets with ease. Of the four trackers, the differential features efficiently meet your wide scope of specific needs and applications. Common applications are trucks, car leasing, remote vehicle diagnostics, trailers, assets tracking, temperature monitoring, fuel level monitoring, Pay As You Drive, car sharing and more.

Vehicle maintenance task requires a routine checkup to lower the accident risk. But even with a routine checkup, the breakdown incidents may still happen when the vehicle travels on the road. Hereby, a remote diagnostic monitoring system can benefit the operator to ensure the safety of the vehicle, to lower the risk and to conduct the incident prevention procedure.

AVL Products reads and transfers real-time data of dashboard, odometer, coolant temperature, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) for the operator to determine the vehicle operating status. The operator can also conduct driving training by the statistics data such as engine RPM, brakes, acceleration and speed data. Furthermore, with in-time event warning functionality, the operator can provide the assistance to the driver with no time lag.

Heavy equipment such as construction equipment and agriculture equipment are of heavy weight and high cost. With an efficient remote tracking device, the operator can lower the times of field survey to execute management task.

Our AVL products are of IP-67 and IP-65 waterproof features respectively which can be placed at the heavy equipment under any kind of climate conditions. The motion-driven continuous tracking feature benefits the operator to know whether the equipment is on duty or at idle status. Therefore, the operator can conduct a better job dispatch management. Periodical location positioning ensures the security of the asset.
Long term travel increases the security risk, especially for cross-border, cross-states or cross-countries business trips. Because trailers tend to expose under any climate condition, the owner would worry more about security of the asset while the trailers are drag-and-drop apart from the header trucks.

Our AVL products are two good options for trailer ID tracking with IP-67 waterproof enclosure can be installed in-vehicle or out-of-vehicle to ensure the location of the trailer with Li-Ion battery or primary battery and power-saving features can perform as a long term GPS tracker, to send daily location tracking report back to the management center.

The scope of valuable asset security could include assets fixed to a location (eg. power generator) for daily tracking use or dynamic valuable asset transport (such as cash bag, rare material or artwork delivery). A reliable asset GPS tracker is the best device for assetís security watcher.

Our AVL products are the two options for valuable asset trackers. The common features that have are waterproof enclosure, motion-driven continuous tracking and periodical location positioning. Besides the above features, guards the asset for a long term perspective. Can send daily tracking report up to two years long. The installation-free functionality advantages with wide applications as well.

Boats are of many kinds and types applied in business, sport or leisure activity. When the boats are offshore, itís difficult to track the location to ensure the safety. An advanced GPS tracker can benefit while the boat is on operation or at idle status.

AVL Products performs as an efficient boatís tracker. The unique IP-67 waterproof enclosure feature protects the tracker from humidity and salt erosion. The motion-driven continuous tracking feature can be applied to watch a racing boat activity. When the boat is at sea, the operator can recognize the location of the boat with real-time data to provide an in-time assistance.

Refrigerated container transport requires high performance of temperature control; otherwise, the quality would transfer or turn bad if the temperature is out of the tolerance range. In such case, the operator would need a watcher to monitor the temperature during the travel time.

AVL products collaborating with temperature sensor respectively are two efficient temperature monitor combinations. With the advanced tracking feature, the operator can track the asset location by real-time data report sending back to the backend system. Therefore, an efficient goods delivery and temperature monitoring task can be well executed.
Fuel level monitoring or other kinds of liquid level monitoring requires high tech devices. Usually this application is applied to big truck tanks. With the advanced fuel level sensor and adaptor, the operator can monitor and manage the fuel level by real-time data sending back to the system. Therefore, fuel theft fraud can be efficiently prevented.

Our AVL product collaborating with fuel level sensor are the two options for fuel level monitoring. The fuel level sensor and probe are installed by a few easy steps; thus operation efforts and costs are reduced. With the fundamental tracking functionality,  can benefit the operator to perform a good conduction of Fleet Management System (FMS).

Car leasing is a fast-growing industry with rapid growth rate and big volume yearly. The fleet management operator would most care about the security and maintenance planning of the vehicle, worrying whether the vehicle is operated inbound or steered in good manners. It would be a real hassle especially when managing a fleet of vehicles.

Our AVL Products are three suitable options for Car leasing application. Products installed in the selected vehicles can benefit the operator with fundamental tracking and location positioning functionality with installation-free feature is suitable for short term or contractor leasing application. Performs as the advanced FMS tracking and vehicle diagnostics device that transfers real-time onboard data to the management center. Therefore, the operator can prevent damages caused by inappropriate driving manners and set efficient maintenance schedule to lower repair expense.


Pay as your drive and Pay How You Drive are two new charge models. As the charge rate is subjected to how many mileages the vehicle travels or how the users drive the vehicle, itís essential to use the monitoring and recording devices of high reliability and accuracy features. Insurance company would use this application as a new charge scheme.

We are the best device to monitor the mileage and to analyze driver behavior. The operator can obtain the real-time data of the vehicle status, fuel usage and mileage calculation for advanced report analysis. Therefore, is a feature-rich device for both Pay As You Drive and Pay How You Driveô charge schemes. Besides vehicleís data report, can also perform as a GPS tracker to position the vehicleís location.


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